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Paper Sculpture and Papier Mâché

Activa Celluclay Instant Papier Maché
Activa Celluclay Instant Papier Maché

Celluclay is a finely textured, non-toxic material that handles like clay, and needs no firing. No special tools are required. Just mix it with water. Celluclay adheres to almost any surface.

Prices range from $7.25 - $92.65 SAVE up to 27% off List! Bulk Discounts Available!
Activa Fast Mache
Activa Fast Mache

The fastest air-drying paper mâché available is durable, paintable, carvable, and safe for kids. Heavier, with a tougher finish than the original maché, it's especially suited for 3D work. Just add water. Dries bright white.

Prices range from $10.79 - $100.49 SAVE up to 10% off List! Bulk Discounts Available!
Amaco Claycrete Instant Papier M&#226ché
Amaco Claycrete Instant Papier Mâché

Just mix with water, knead and model. Amaco Claycrete pure white instant paper mâché won't stick to hands or tools, making it exceptionally easy to work with and clean up after. It dries white and is very lightweight.

Prices range from $7.16 - $90.74 SAVE up to 20% off List!
Amaco Sculptamold
Amaco Sculptamold

Sculptamold is lightweight like papier maché, but does not shrink. It models and casts like clay, and sets up hard like plaster in about 30 minutes. Cast it in molds made of rubber, plastic, plaster, or even sand. It can be worked with tools, or by hand.

Prices range from $7.58 - $87.21 SAVE 11 - 20% off List! Bulk Discounts Available!
Blick Carve & Cast
Blick Carve & Cast

Dry, white modeling material mixes with water, hardens like plaster. Adheres to almost any armature material, crumpled newspapers, wire, etc. Can be cast in all kinds of molds. Carve, sand, and finish with any paint.

Prices range from $12.93 - $45.48 SAVE 20 - 35% off List! Bulk Discounts Available!
Blick's Mix Instant Papier Mach&#233
Blick's Mix Instant Papier Maché

Instant papier maché! It has all the properties of original papier maché, but with no newspapers to cut up, and no flour or wheat paste to buy. It dries white, and is very lightweight.

Prices range from $8.29 - $93.99 SAVE up to 17% off List! Bulk Discounts Available!
Creativity Street Papier M&#226ch&#233 Class Packs
Creativity Street Papier Mâché Class Packs

Ready to decorate with paints, markers, crayons, and craft materials, these fun papier mâché frames and boxes are great for school or team projects.

Price: $27.99
Creativity Street Papier M&#226ch&#233 Masks
Creativity Street Papier Mâché Masks

These masks are readyto paint or decorate with paper, feathers, glitter, buttons, beads, sequins, and more. Add additional features with papier Mâché . They are a good value for classroom mask-making projects. Each mask measures 8" tall × 5-1/4" wide.

Prices range from $1.79 - $2.42 SAVE up to 36% off List!
Face Form for Mask Making
Face Form for Mask Making

Made of sturdy plastic, this face form is just the beginning for your creativity to build upon. Use it as a base over which to apply plastercraft gauze or paper mâché then remove it. Or, use it as a mold for clay or plaster.

Price: $1.52 SAVE 24 - 31% off List! Bulk Discounts Available!
Jovi Patmache
NEW! Jovi Patmache

A less messy alternative to traditional papier mâché, Jovi Patmaché is a lightweight modeling material that's easy to knead and mold. Because it comes premixed, there's no need to plan ahead or wait until you can use it — it always has the perfect consistency.

Price: $7.19 SAVE 20% off List!
Multi-Mix Plastic Tub
Multi-Mix Plastic Tub

This graduated plastic tub is great for mixing paints, resin, plaster, papier mâché, and more.

Prices range from $1.07 - $3.57 SAVE 35% or more off List!
Papier M&#226ch&#233 Letters
Papier Mâché Letters

Make an artful statement with these hollow-form papier mâché letters and symbols. Lightweight yet sturdy, they can be decorated with paint, markers, glitter, sequins, decoupage, and many other materials.

Price: $1.99 SAVE 20% off List!
3-D Art Lab for Kids
3-D Art Lab for Kids

3-D Art Lab for Kids is an inspiring collection of 32 projects designed to encourage the artistic spirit in children. Lessons in paper, clay, textiles, sculpture, and jewelry are open-ended, so they can be explored over and over with different results every time.

Price: $18.86 SAVE 24% off List!
Contemporary Papier M&#226ch&#233
Contemporary Papier Mâché

Artist and teacher Gilat Nadivi has compiled a colorful collection of papier mâché projects in this book that emphasizes recycling everyday items to create more than 20 one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Paperback. 112 pages.

Price: $14.99 SAVE 24% off List!
Elements of Pop-Up
Elements of Pop-Up

Elements of Pop-Up is the definitive book on how to make a pop-up — a guided tour perfect for aspiring paper engineers, students, and everyday appreciators of this unique art form. With this book you can touch, see, and study all the elements of pop-up as they are designed to work.

Price: $26.51 SAVE 33% off List!
I Love Paper
NEW! I Love Paper

Fall in love with the whimsical world of paper crafting and explore the never-ending possibilities of handmade paper art with I Love Paper. Containing 40 paper projects — figures, buildings, flowers, food, and much more — this illustrated reference guide will teach you everything you need to know.

Price: $16.99 SAVE 26% off List!
Mastering Silhouettes
Mastering Silhouettes

Join one of Britain’s most prominent silhouette artists as he shares his instructions, techniques, and the history of silhouette portraiture in this delightful book. Paperback. 176 pages.

Price: $13.22 SAVE 22% off List!
Paper Cut
Paper Cut

In today's design world, many illustrators are turning away from digitization to once again embrace the imperfections of handmade, craft-based practices. Paper Cut offers a unique perspective on this burgeoning trend in contemporary illustration.

Price: $19.43 SAVE 35% off List!
The Paper Hat Book
The Paper Hat Book

The Paper Hat Book offers creative kids 20 fantastic paper hats, all of which can be created quickly, easily, and inexpensively from repurposed paper — shopping bags, newspapers, comics, old story books, magazines, packaging scraps, and even junk mail.

Price: $9.99 SAVE 23% off List!
The Paper Playhouse
The Paper Playhouse

Using surprising and easily accessibly materials such as shipping boxes, shoe boxes, junk mail envelopes, newspapers, maps, found books, and other paper ephemera, The Paper Playhouse explores a range of techniques including sculpture, printmaking, bookbinding, and collage.

Price: $16.99 Out of Stock SAVE 32% off List!
Playing with Paper
Playing with Paper

This delightful and exciting collection of paper crafting techniques includes everything from model making and pop-up construction to quilling, origami, and more.

Price: $18.69 SAVE 25% off List!
Playing with Pop-Ups
Playing with Pop-Ups

Enter the enchanting world of pop-ups and handmade paper crafts! In Playing with Pop-Ups, author Helen Hiebert guides you through all the materials, tools, and basic techniques you need to know, including parallel folds, angle folds, combinations, variations, and layering.

Price: $17.92 SAVE 28% off List!
Crystal Productions Papier-M&#226ch&#233 Sculpture DVD
Crystal Productions Papier-Mâché Sculpture DVD

Art educator Peggy Flores shows examples of human and animal sculptures in a variety of poses, then demonstrates how to make a wire skeleton, wrap it with newspaper, pose the figure and apply papier mâché. Also explores creative painting techniques.

Price: $29.95
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