Wall Frames

Wall Frames are meant to be displayed by hanging them on the wall. Wall frames are also sold with glass or glazing material and backing material to hold the artwork in, as well as the hardware necessary to hang the framed image on the wall. Depending on the depth of the frame, some can even accommodate traditional profile stretched canvases.

Wood Wall Frames are made from various types of woods. These frames tend to be finished so that the wood grain is visible or gilded with gold or silver leaf. Medium heavy in weight, these frames are typically used when framing canvas.


Metal Wall Frames are made from a variety of metals, but usually aluminum, and can either have a metallic or painted finish. Simple in their design and appearance, they are suitable for framing photographs or drawings.

Lightweight Wall Frames

Lightweight Wall Frames are made from plastic or extruded polystyrene. These frames are considerably lighter than their wood or metal counterparts. They are ideal for framing larger works that were completed on heavy substrates, such as wooden panels or hardboard, where additional weight added by the frame could be detrimental or cumbersome.


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