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Decorative Matboard
Conservation Matboard, Alpha-Cellulose
Museum Grade Matboard
Textures and Special Surfaces
  • Crescent Matboards
    Crescent Matboards

    Crescent matboard comes in hundreds of colors, but, besides color, how do you choose which board best fits your needs? Connie presents Crescent's Decorative line, Select line and RagMat line and explains the benefits of each to help you make the right decision for your artwork.

  • Crescent RagMat Matboard
    Crescent RagMat Matboard

    Protect your fine works of art so they will last a lifetime. Crescent RagMat Matboard core and backing are made from 100% cotton which is naturally acid and lignin free. The surface papers are made with quality pigments that are rigorously tested to ensure they are lightfast and colorfast. These boards conform to the highest conservation standards and are the premium choice for artists and framers.

  • Tips on Framing Your Artwork
    Tips on Framing Your Artwork

    Framing does more than just enhance the look of your artwork; if done properly, it protects it from damaging elements. Hilary explains some of the key materials and provides tips on how to frame your original works of art so they will last a lifetime.

  • Why Choose a High Quality Matboard
    Why Choose a High Quality Matboard

    When matting your treasured art pieces, protecting them is just as important as selecting the right color of matboard to enhance their beauty. Connie explains what causes damage to artworks on paper and which matboards can safeguard your art against these elements.


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