Colored Pencil Sets

Colored Pencil Sets are available in many formats of colored pencils. The traditional artist's colored pencil has a thick lead consisting of rich pigment in an insoluble binder. Pastel pencils have a softer lead, similar to hard pastels. Watercolor pencils use a water soluble binder, which makes them suitable for wash techniques.

This page contains only a small portion of our colored pencil offerings. These sets are beautifully packaged and presented, and are suitable for a fine gift.

Dick Blick offers a huge selection of artist and student grade colored pencils. Many colors, especially from the artist grades, can be replaced individually by ordering from our open stock. See our selection of Colored Pencils to select colors individually, and for many more fine sets. We also offer other accessories, such as drawing papers and brushes.

Watercolor Pencil Sets
Pastel Pencil Sets

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