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Watercolor Brushes - Mop

Goat Hair Mop
Simply Simmons Goat Hair Mops
Simply Simmons Goat Hair Mops

These Short Handle Mop Brushes are designed especially for work in watercolors and inks, featuring fine-quality, unbleached goat hair. Offered in a choice of Round or Oval shapes, they're ideal for high-load, wet techniques.

Price: $3.39 SAVE 30% off List!
Squirrel Mop
Da Vinci Pure Blue Squirrel Gilder Duster
Da Vinci Pure Blue Squirrel Gilder Duster - Series 410

The Da Vinci Gilder Duster is an essential tool for oil gilding using gold, metallic, and silver leaf. The Da Vinci Gilder Duster can also be used as a watercolor mop.

No Longer Available!
Isabey Original Siberian Blue Squirrel Quill Mop
Isabey Original Siberian Blue Squirrel Quill Mop - Series 6234

The finest Siberian blue squirrel is unsurpassed in color absorption, making it a superb brush for large watercolor washes. It has a large, delicate point for unique brush strokes and line work.

Prices range from $22.68 - $87.98 SAVE 60% off List!
Isabey Pure Squirrel Mop Pocket Brush
Isabey Pure Squirrel Mop Pocket Brush

These travel-ready brushes are just like the traditional versions, with a brass cap that protects the delicate filaments. When removed, the cap fits on the end to form a full watercolor-length handle. Pure squirrel mop style or pure red sable round.

Price: $30.35 SAVE 57% off List!
Raphaël Pure Squirrel Mop
Raphaël Pure Squirrel Mop

Brush will point up for delicate, fine work, or may be used as a mop for broad watercolor wash strokes. Hand-cupped in a natural quill ferrule, secured with brass wires to varnished, natural wood handle. Sizes 0 to 8.

Prices range from $26.38 - $72.94 SAVE 55% or more off List!
Synthetic Mop
Da Vinci Cosmotop Spin Quill
Da Vinci Cosmotop Spin Quill

This "revolutionary" brush from Da Vinci features a "dancing tip!" Spin brushes hold more water than any other synthetic. These brushes mimic the performance of natural hair with an energetic spring.

Prices range from $22.04 - $130.19 SAVE 40% off List!
Grumbacher Academy Watercolor Mop
Grumbacher Academy Watercolor Mop

These student grade brushes for watercolor combine quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. They're particularly matched to the Grumbacher Academy Watercolors. Bristles are soft white nylon, ensuring even strokes and excellent color carrying.

Prices range from $11.12 - $12.17 SAVE 50% off List!
Princeton Velvetouch Oval Mop Brush
NEW! Princeton Velvetouch Oval Mop Brush

Containing a blend of luxurious NextGen synthetic filaments, Princeton Velvetouch Series 3950 Synthetic Brushes are the ultimate mixed media tool for watercolors, acrylics, and oils. The range includes traditional and specialty shapes, all with soft-finish wood handles.

Price: $8.99 SAVE 49% off List!
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