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Filbert - Short Handle Synthetic

Soft Synthetic
Blick Masterstroke Golden Taklon Filbert
Blick Masterstroke Golden Taklon Filbert

Redesigned to meet the standards of our other Masterstroke brushes, this professional grade of Golden Taklon is carefully engineered with tapered filaments to mimic the belly and point of natural hair.

Prices range from $5.33 - $6.84 SAVE 35% off List!
Blick Studio Decorative Filbert
Blick Studio Decorative Filbert

Blick Studio Decoratives are a premium approach to synthetic brushes for decorative artists and (watercolorists). Multiple diameters of high quality Golden Taklon fibers are assembled in a truly good-looking package.

Prices range from $8.19 - $22.46 SAVE 22 - 30% off List! Bulk Discounts Available!
Da Vinci Fit For School & Hobby Filbert
Da Vinci Fit For School & Hobby Filbert

Considered the best-quality, lowest-cost brush on the market, Fit for Hobby & School Brushes are manufactured in Germany to offer better performance than traditional natural hair brushes. They're ideal for use with all types of paint.

Prices range from $6.76 - $27.36 SAVE 40% or more off List!
Escoda Versatil Filbert
Escoda Versatil Filbert

A modern-day alternative to Kolinsky, the Escoda Versatil brush utilizes a carefully selected custom blend of uniquely patterned synthetic fibers. These brushes provide great water retention, a firm spring, and a sharp, fine point.

Prices range from $8.39 - $54.71 SAVE 39% off List!
Robert Simmons Expression Filbert
Robert Simmons Expression Filbert - Series E67

Every Expression short-handled brush is uniquely constructed with a combination of different types and diameters of synthetic fiber, resulting in a smooth, soft feel with great resiliency, snap, and color-holding ability.

Prices range from $4.52 - $7.86 SAVE 48% off List!
Robert Simmons Sienna Short Handle Filbert
Robert Simmons Sienna Short Handle Filbert - Series 67

For all media. Superior blend of filaments provide pointing, color-holding, spring, sharp edge, and smooth application. Ferrules are gold-plated. Handles of kiln-dried birch wood, multi-coated finish. Lifetime guarantee.

Prices range from $5.19 - $7.63 SAVE 49% off List!
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