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Inspired and advised by his artist friends, Alois K. Diethelm founded Lascaux in 1963.Committed to his drive for top quality, Diethelm always sought out ways to make paints better than those that were already available. Consequently, Lascaux has become one of the world's leading producers of acrylic and watercolor paints.

For Lascaux, the process of producing paints is one of constant challenge and inquiry. Modern techniques and scientific know-how are just as essential as accuracy of craftsmanship and passion. Furthermore, Lascaux is sensitive to the environment. In the production and cleaning processes, only water is used. Plus, Lascaux colours are largely produced without the use of solvents and have undergone toxicological testing.

Today, Lascaux is directed by the founder's daughter, herself a painter, who together with her employees strives for the impressive goal of top-ranking products coupled with innovative growth. Over the years a range of products has been created, which meets the highest of artistic, material, and technical demands.


  • Lascaux Paints
    Lascaux Paints

    Lascaux Artist Acrylics are known as a premier, professional artist paint. In fact, these paints and mediums are used in all restoration departments and major museums across Europe. See for yourself why these paints are so special.


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