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Adventures in Lettering
NEW! Adventures in Lettering

The ultimate workshop to get you started in the art of hand-lettering. Taught by skilled hand-lettering artist Dawn Nicole Warnaar, the Adventures in Lettering book combines creative self-expression and beautiful designs for an exploration of various lettering exercises.

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The Art of Calligraphy & Lettering
The Art of Calligraphy & Lettering

Learn how to create beautiful hand-written letters and alphabets with in-depth instruction on both calligraphy and lettering styles. The Art of Calligraphy & Lettering includes techniques specific to setting up guidelines, spacing letters, laying out word designs, and creating exciting strokes.

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The Art of Whimsical Lettering
NEW! The Art of Whimsical Lettering

Learn how to combine personal handwriting, drawing, and doodling to create unique lettering styles with The Art of Whimsical Lettering. The book outlines 20 lettering techniques and 15 basic alphabets, ranging from simple pen-and-ink fonts to calligraphy, vintage fonts, and doodle art styles.

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Artful Lettering DVD
Artful Lettering DVD - Tools and Techniques for Discovering Your Style

In Artful Lettering join artist Joanne Sharpe to learn 12 fresh writing, design, and drawing techniques.

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Calligraphy Bible
Calligraphy Bible

From ancient to modern times, the art of calligraphy has brought the written word to life, beautifying folklore, letters, poetry, and more. Embark on a journey through time, as the book leads you through the history of writing as well as its transformations.

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Creative Lettering
Creative Lettering

In Creative Lettering, 16 accomplished contributors, including calligraphers, painters, collagists, card makers, fiber artists, and graphic designers, give their personal perspectives on the art of hand-lettering.

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Creative Lettering and Beyond
Creative Lettering and Beyond

Covering a variety of styles and types of lettered art, including calligraphy, illustration, chalk lettering, and more, Creative Lettering and Beyond offers a plethora of exercises to help readers develop their own unique lettering style.

Price: $17.99
Let's Write! Design Your Own Fonts
Let's Write! Design Your Own Fonts

Let's Write! Design Your Own Fonts is a colorful, imaginative, fun-filled book that shows readers how to create their own typefaces and use them in endlessly inventive ways. No skill is required — just an imagination and a willingness to scribble, draw, color, and play.

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The Speedball Textbook 24th Edition
The Speedball Textbook 24th Edition

First published in 1915 by Ross F. George, The Speedball Textbook is the superlative resource for artists and letterers of all ages and skill levels. In celebration of the 100th year anniversary of the first edition's debut, Speedball is proud to announce the release of this Centennial Edition.

no longer available
Zentangle 11, Expanded Workbook Edition
Zentangle 11, Expanded Workbook Edition - Lettering, Quotes & Inspirational Sayings

Text-inspired tangling can be anything you want it to be, fun and casual, or formal and flowery. Zentangle 11, Expanded Workbook Edition shows you how to use tangle lettering to enhance note cards, bookmarks, gifts, fine art, and more.

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