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Blick Screenprinting

Blick 1-Color Garment <nobr>Screen Printing Machine</nobr>
Blick 1-Color Garment Screen Printing Machine

These one-color units are great for beginners, schools, and clubs that want to print their own T-shirts, jackets, scarves, and other items quickly, easily, and economically.

Prices range from $91.85 - $116.09 SAVE 15 - 23% off List! Bulk Discounts Available!
Blick 4-Color Garment <nobr>Screen Printing Machine</nobr>
Blick 4-Color Garment Screen Printing Machine

A modest machine for the classroom or small shop. It provides production efficiency for class or club projects and small commercial ventures.

Price: $311.00 SAVE 15% off List!
Blick 50-55 Durometer Squeegee
Blick 50-55 Durometer Squeegee

50-55 Durometer Squeegee - Soft. 3/8"W × 1-7/8" thick rounded, transparent yellow blade. The round edge squeegee is used for printing through coarser mesh counts to lay down a heavy deposit of ink on dark backgrounds and athletic wear.

Prices range from $7.17 - $23.40
Blick 60-65 Durometer Squeegee
Blick 60-65 Durometer Squeegee

60-65 Durometer Squeegee - 3/8"W × 1-7/8" thick urethane color-coded blade or standard, tan blade. Medium/soft. Used with a wide range of meshes and ink viscosities on even surfaces with minimum texture.

Prices range from $6.47 - $33.29
Blick 65 Durometer Neoprene Squeegee
Blick 65 Durometer Neoprene Squeegee

These squeegees are manufactured to Blick's specifications. Kiln-dried and precision cut lumber is used for the no-warp handles. The blades have a tensile strength of more than 2,000 lbs which eliminates ink streaking and provides a superior long-lasting printing edge.

Prices range from $6.59 - $19.79
Blick 70-75 Durometer Squeegee
Blick 70-75 Durometer Squeegee

70-75 Durometer - Medium. 3/8"W × 1-7/8" color-coded blade. Used for general printing. Medium ink deposit.

Prices range from $12.21 - $36.63 Bulk Discounts Available!
Blick Print Rack
Blick Print Rack

This lightweight print rack is an alternative and affordable option for presenting or sorting artwork. Constructed of handsome, stain-resistant oiled beechwood. The rack conveniently folds for travel or storage.

Price: $59.99 SAVE 60% off List!
Blick StakRak
Blick StakRak

Create a custom drying rack that meets your needs with this ingenious system. The interlocking rack can be mounted to the wall. Two units can be attached back-to-back as a table rack.

Prices range from $10.04 - $100.47 SAVE 28% off List!
Blick Waterbased Acrylic Fabric Screen Printing Ink
Blick Waterbased Acrylic Fabric Screen Printing Ink

For printing on light-colored cotton fabrics, linen, rayon, polyester and most synthetics (not nylon). Safe for school use. Also brush on tennis shoes, tote bags, sweats, etc. Also works well on paper products, printmaking.

Price: $16.69 SAVE 25% off List!
Blick's Complete Photo/Fabric <nobr>Screen Printing Kit</nobr>
Blick's Complete Photo/Fabric Screen Printing Kit

For printing on both fabric or paper. Teach or learn how to make screen positives. Consists of T-shirt printing machine and all materials (enough emulsion to coat 10 or more screens), plus light source and screen printing book.

Price: $472.00 SAVE up to 10% off List!
Screenprinting Frames
Blick Cord-Stretched Frame with 110 Monofilament Polyester Mesh
Blick Cord-Stretched Frame with 110 Monofilament Polyester Mesh

Monofilament polyester mesh consists of single strands of man-made fibers with uniform construction and spacing, plus the finest uniform diameter threads. Holds fine details for 4-color process work. Excellent where tight register of colors is required.

Prices range from $14.59 - $23.97 SAVE 29% off List!
Blick Cord-Stretched Frame with 12XX Multifilament Polyester Mesh
Blick Cord-Stretched Frame with 12XX Multifilament Polyester Mesh Clearance!

Multifilament polyester mesh is considered to be the standard by professionals. This is a popular all-purpose screen for most textile and graphic printing. Use it where average ink deposit is required. The polyester fabrics are woven from fine threads.

Prices range from $11.29 - $17.99 SAVE 35 - 54% off List!
Blick Cord-Stretched Frame with 8XX Multifilament Polyester Mesh
Blick Cord-Stretched Frame with 8XX Multifilament Polyester Mesh Clearance!

Dick Blick assembles this frame for printing T-shirts and other textiles, as well as for printing signs and posters with large ink deposit requirements. This durable weave is for printing on textiles, some graphics printing, and for teaching purposes.

Prices range from $12.59 - $22.70 SAVE 14 - 42% off List!
Blick Tite-Stretch Cord
Blick Tite-Stretch Cord

For finishing wooden screem frames and wooden ballusters. Uniform diameter for perfect, non-slip fit.

Prices range from $7.99 - $36.72
Blick Wooden Balusters
Blick Wooden Balusters

Make your own economical screen frames from Blick's already mitered and grooved frame pieces. They can be assembled anyway you choose: nails, staples, or glue.

Prices range from $0.95 - $2.39
Blick Wooden Screen Frames <nobr>Without Fabric</nobr>
Blick Wooden Screen Frames Without Fabric

Choose your own fabric by the yard, and use cord setter and cord to finish the frame. Balluster size is 1-1/8" × 1-1/8". 1-5/8" sizes are available — Write or call for prices.

Prices range from $6.04 - $8.80
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