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  • Blick Brand Canvas
    Blick Brand Canvas

    At Blick we pride ourselves on our brand name products. We offer the highest quality canvas at the most competitive price. This video will illustrate why Blick Canvas is an excellent choice for any artist at any level - ranging from beginner to professional.

  • How to Prime Cotton Canvas
    How to Prime Cotton Canvas

    Protecting your painting surface from harmful acids is important if you want to ensure the longevity of your artwork. Kati shares some great tips for priming cotton canvas with acrylic gesso for smooth, even coverage.

  • How to Stretch Canvas
    How to Stretch Canvas

    Stretching your own canvas is relatively easy to do and it allows artists to get the perfect combination of sizes and materials for your painting. It's also a great way to keep costs down! Kati gives a step-by-step demonstration of good practices for stretching a canvas.


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